• Diverse, Iconoclastic Illustration Style

If you are a fan of abstract design, then this year is for you. As a website developer, you need to make your voice a part of your web designs. Make it intriguing, with lots of creative potentials. Embrace surreal and abstract approaches in order to illustrate less concrete concepts.


  • Three-Dimensional Illustration

This 2019, web designers would want to incorporate mode realism and depth to their graphics. This can be designed to blur all the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.


  • Adventurous, Vintage Styles

It’s the age of eccentric choices. In addition to that, old styles may come back in the form of more unique approaches. If you are thinking of adding some vintage elements, 2019 is the right time to do so.


  • Web Designers’ Versatility

Should web designers learn how to code? This year, more and more web designers would widen their horizons, and explore coding. They would use this newfound knowledge to develop better web design tools.


  • Mobile-First Animation

This 2019, the world of website design would witness the popularity of scroll-based animation features. Timed animation would help with the successes of marketing campaigns.


  • Great Writing

Content is king, and would further prove its royal existing this year. Online writings would be more compelling and effective. If you want to introduce new products or rebrand, you need to focus on creating better written content.


  • Playful Cursor Animation and Design

Playful, interactive cursors will be part of 2019’s emerging trends. Who wouldn’t love to deal with witty, cool cursors on web pages? It plays a crucial role in human interaction dynamics.