Some web design agency use the terms UX and UI interchangeably. However user experience, or UX, is not the same as user interface, or UI. It’s always important to make a clear distinction between these two concepts. Below are important details you should know.


UI and UX: Why do we need both of them?

By making a distinction between UX and UI design, you can provide your website visitors what they want. However, in truth, website developers often end up multitasking. They end up performing the roles of both the UI and UX designer. But, it’s always better to hire separate team of individuals to get the best results.


What is user experience (UX)?

User experience always prioritizes convenience of use. It is actually related to the market research field, and is a very multi-faceted realm. Here are some tasks which fall under this category.

The following tasks all fall under the category of UX design:

  1. Development Planning
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping
  3. Customer and Competitor Analysis


What is user interface (UI)?

It is the UI designer’s job to use the prototypes and market research results provided by the UX designers to build attractive visual layouts. These layouts should be guiding and responsive. Here are the tasks which fall under UI design.

  1. Graphic and Animation Development
  2. Responsive Software Design
  3. Guiding Users Through Visual Storytelling


How UX and UI Work Together

How to encourage your users to make purchases, sign up for newsletters and search for different products? Well, that’s the UX designers job. They spend tons of time developing different personas, and user stories. Usually, flow charts are utilized.

UI designers depend on the information that UX designers get. These professionals help manage user interactions by incorporating additional details to guide users navigate around.

UI designers focuses on drawing users in, while UX design is all about addressing utility. As you work on different website projects, you should gain better understanding of its differences.